Stress Management San Diego

Stress Management

Stress is experienced by millions of people globally and in Sand Diego! There are never-ending bills you pay, demanding work and home schedules, and family responsibilities.

All of these can make your stress seem never-ending and uncontrollable. Yet, there is hope in learning stress management skills to help you control your emotions, thoughts, and lifestyle.

With Marriage Counseling Sand Diego, you can learn healthy ways to cope with your daily problems.

Stress Affects Your Health San Diego CA 92104

Start by Finding The Cause of Your Stress 

With stress management counseling, the first thing is to identify the stressors. Still, while it sounds easy, it can result from anything.

It can be work piling up that results in chronic stress and complicated as you might not realize that those habits contribute to your stress. Or perhaps it is the demands of your job! Still, claiming responsibility in your role would be best, creating more stress than you can handle.

"I am an ambulance driver and medic that leads a stressful job that I love. But eventually that job started to make me feel stressed. So I went for stress management counseling and the therapists showed me that I am not taking enough time for myself to unwind and relax. But, with my new coping skills and meditation to exercises I do I am still able to do the job that I love helping people."

- Michael  Reinier (San Diego)

Stress Management Helps You to Focus on What You Can Control

When you find the cause of your stress, you can eliminate those stressors by developing new de-stressing behaviors.

So, instead of sitting down to watch TV or responding to people's texts before bed, go for a walk.

You learn to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly to get the sleep you need, which will help relieve the stress.

Furthermore, the therapist will advise you to set aside some time to relax, as alone time is good for your mind and health. For example, you can do yoga, listen to music, or read a book.

Lastly, you need not solve your stress alone, as you can contact your stress management counselor for help.

Marriage Counseling San Diego is Here to Help

Stress Management San Diego CA 92104

If you suffer from any stress, our stress management therapists can help. They will educate you about anxiety and your body's physiological responses.

Come to us to equip yourself with learning tools to manage your stress symptoms and learn meditation to mindfulness. With your new coping skills, you will create body awareness with deep breathing and improve your self-care.

Together we will explore stress related to relationships and work and help you to increase your awareness of the internal and external stress triggers.

Contact us today to schedule your stress management counseling session in San Diego to start placing a hold on your stress.

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