Divorce Counseling San Diego

Divorce Counseling

Is your relationship in the marriage causing you pain?

Are you struggling with difficult emotions with problems in your marriage? We want to help.

Deciding to separate or divorce is very personal and painful. The stress it causes can become overwhelming.

No matter what difficulties you face in the relationship, both of you will feel a sense of pain, failure, loss, or guilt.

A common belief we often hear is that we or I have failed.

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"I fell pregnant very young out of school, and in those days, the men felt they had to take care of the baby and the mom. Still, after years things turned to the worst. Finally, we both went for divorce counseling to settle our differences and part in a civilized way."

- Amanda Ramsey (San Diego)

Separation and Divorce Can Be Complex and Confusing

When you decide to go your separate ways as it leaves you broken. Your partner made you feel special and loved. Or perhaps you gave your whole life to that person, and in the end, you were betrayed, abandoned, or rejected.

Furthermore, if you are the one ending the relationship, you may feel guilt or wonder if you will manage alone, concerned about the aftermath. Struggling with yourself brings other issues to uncertainty.

You have financial hardship resulting in anxiety. You feel disappointed about losing friends in your social circle. Then there is the pain of losing family members. If you have kids, you do not know how to tell them their lives will change.

Both partners can face stress with co-parenting and how it will work. In addition, there is guilt as the family breaks up, and ongoing resentment will occur. These are some reasons leaving you both feeling stressed.

Thus, separating, breaking up, and divorcing is traumatic.

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Achieve a New Start With Divorce Counseling in San Diego

With Marriage Counseling San Diego, no matter how painful it goes and you feel isolated, we can help. Whether you have depression, anxiety, or loneliness, our therapists can provide the necessary coping skills.

We can help you as an individual or both of you as partners to cope and navigate through the decision you made to deal with the grief and other complex feelings. For example, if you are going through a separation, breakup, or divorce, let us help you work through the process.

When you talk to someone after a divorce, it helps. Your feelings are normal, and you can talk about them privately with us to return to everyday life.

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