Family Counseling San Diego

What is Family Counseling?

Life transitions to stressful events put a strain on families. 

Family counseling can bring caregivers, parents, children, and the extended family together.

During family counseling in San Diego, you and the family can explore each individual's role in behavior to gain an understanding each one is going through.

You can learn new skills to deepen and repair family connections. You learn to improve communication while expressing the emotions of each person.

Family Counseling therapy San Diego CA 92104

Our family therapists believe in accessing your family's strengths to identify solutions to your problems.

We hold each family member accountable to make a change to reach the family goals. So, with our extensive experience, let's help recreate the family dynamics to build a better life.

Our family always seemed to argue about everything. The kids were scared our parents would end up in the divorce court. Finally, we decided to talk to a family therapist at Marriage Counseling of San Diego. She was kind enough to to see us at home. Since everyone took part in the counseling things have gotten better."

- Janine Brookes (San Diego)

Family Counseling Can Help Address:

  • Discipline problems and disparities in childrearing styles between parents and the caregivers
  • Child behavioral problems such as aggression and temper
  • Disputes between parents and siblings and extended family members
  • Communication battles
  • Adoption and family identity problems
  • School complications
  • Child problems
  • Teen problems
  • Addiction
  • Issues related to family changes, sickness, and other challenges
  • Grief due to loss, divorce, and separation
  • Support for parents, children, and family members related to problems of  sexual orientation or gender identity
Family can benefit from therapy San Diego CA 92104

Family Therapy: What does it look like?

Meeting a Family Therapist San Diego CA 92104

Our sessions can vary when we work with families. For example, we may include all members, parents, or children in a session.

When needed, we also hold sessions with a parent or caregivers to help with parent coaching and address the family stressors and transitions. We work with stepfamilies, single-parent homes, blended families, poly families, LGBTQ+ parents, and with parents or caregivers of all identities, expressions, and genders.

Deepen Your Family Connections Today With Marriage Counseling of San Diego

We believe in looking at your family's strengths to assist you with identifying solutions for family problems or complex family dynamics.

Contact us today for a free consultation to improve your family's dynamics.

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