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San Diego

What is Addiction?

Marriage Counseling San Diego offers education to treatment plans to help you or another person you know on the journey to sobriety.

Whether transitioning out of your residential setting or you started the recovery process, we can help you with living in sobriety.

Whether it be a drug addiction, alcohol, substance abuse, gambling, eating, and more, we can help with a treatment program designed for your needs.

Please get in touch with our addiction and recovery therapists to start with your healing process to enrich your soul and equip yourself with the right tools.

Addiction Counseling San Diego CA 92104

"Where do I start gambling was my weakness, causing marital to financial problems. But, after I began my addiction and recovery process with Marriage Counseling of San Diego, I have regained my life."

Wayne Nicholson (San Diego North)

Our Addiction Treatment Program

Let's help you sober up from your addiction using addiction education and psychological therapy. Our addiction programs are designed to help you overcome different addictions to live a happy and healthier life.

Marriage Counseling San Diego presents you with an addiction plan if you cannot commit to a 30-day residential treatment plan. It is also a great transition whether you have undergone detox or attended a residential rehab.

We Can Provide Medication Assistance 

With our treatment program, you can get medication-assisted treatment, known as MAT, depending on the addiction we treat.

Addiction recovery counseling San Diego CA 92104

We can provide medications like Suboxone to help minimize your withdrawal symptoms for early recovery. In addition, it is an evidence-based treatment to help decrease your relapse rates.

Enjoy Life After an Addiction 

Maintaining sobriety is difficult, but we can provide you with a drug-free haven or addiction recovery to deal with your cravings. In addition, we provide a treatment plan in a therapeutic environment to help you avoid temptations along the way.

In addition to your regular addiction and recovery therapy, we provide you with insightful techniques for health recovery. Partaking in active activities and paired with your treatment helps you recover faster from your addiction.

Enjoy a healthier life experience with us recovering from your addiction. Contact us today for a Free consultation.

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