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Grief strikes you anytime, but sometimes you lack the tools for your loss. 

While grief is a natural process to any form of loss, you also get bereavement associated with the death of someone.

Grief can trigger different emotions, from anger to sadness and anxiety. It can involve regret, guilt, and longing.

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The emotions can vary with intensity in random waves adding to more confusion.

So, if you associate with the following:

  • Feeling stuck or not able to sleep
  • You feel as if something is missing and do not feel the same, not knowing what you want.
  • Your thinking is cloudy, and you cannot concentrate

Then you may be dealing with a loss you might not know about. Here at Marriage Counseling San Diego, we have even found patients feeling stuck and finding it difficult to redefine their lives.

We can help you. Please book an appointment with us for grief counseling to help you work through those emotions.

Let's Help You Through Your Grieving Process 

When grief strikes, it is natural and can leave you feeling overwhelmed. But, in your time of need, help can go a long way. So, when you come for grief counseling in San Diego, our therapists can help ease the weight of loss.

We have a team of aspiring counselors that focuses on different forms of loss that, includes the following:

  • Parent Loss
  • Child Loss
  • Divorce
  • Losing Grandparents'
  • Pregnancy Loss
  • Traumatic Los Caused By a Car Accident, Natural Disaster, or Gun Violence
  • Terminal Illness

"I lost my Bennie a few years ago. While I still grieve today going for grief counseling has helped me to cope with my loss. These days I can do things with a smile and not always cry and feel lost."

- Colleen Keith (San Diego)

Grief Counseling Provides You Care and Support

When you come for grief counseling at Marriage Counseling San Diego, we understand what you're going through. Our team of professional counselors focuses on the following:

  • Your acceptance of your loss
  • The anger of your grief
  • Adjusting to your loss and adapting to a new life
  • They will help you through the bargaining and teach you how to cope even when denial happens
Recovering from Grief San Diego CA 92104
  • They will support you through your depression stages, from guilt and shame to sadness
  • Furthermore, our counselors will help you to get back into your social life and manage new routines for your future.

It is your personal journey when you go through a loss, but you need not face it alone. Marriage Counseling San Diego's team of counselors is ready to provide you with the support you need.

They will teach you coping skills, help with adaptive life skills, provide adjustment tools for children, teens, and adults, and provide grief support groups. With our grief counselors, you can discuss your feelings in a safe space as a family or individual.

Start with our healing journey with us today. Please schedule an appointment with us online.

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