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Infidelity Therapy to Recover From an Affair

A devastating experience for any couple is infidelity. An affair destroys any trust and security that a couple has emotionally. To develop a healthy bond, couples must believe their feelings are important and that they matter to each other without being betrayed.

Still, when an affair happens, that bond is broken and creates a crisis in a relationship. Here at Marriage Counseling San Diego, we know you are in pain and confused. Still, you need not suffer an affair alone.

Dissatisfaction in the Relationship San Diego CA 92104

When you contact one of our infidelity counselors, you can find a way to deepen the bond after an affair despite what both of you feel and want to leave the marriage.

A fact is that an affair does not have to end a relationship, but it can make you stronger. Still, recovering from an affair must come from both partners willing to give the betrayer another chance. The betrayer also needs to show regret and remorse.

This dissatisfaction does not always result in adultery, this can come from one partner having an affair for self-gratification, boosting their ego or a sexual experience which is out of the ordinary.

"The infidelity therapist helped me and my wife to talk about why I made the mistake to cheat on my wife. Sarah wanted to end the marriage but we both decided to seek counseling first. The affair recovery therapist was direct with the approach to talk about things came to this point. We received helpful tools to help rebuild the trust and until today I still use them. We saved our marriage and it was the best thing we did to go for infidelity counseling."

- Jade Wagener (San Diego)

What is Affair Recovery?

Infidelity counseling in San Diego comprises teamwork, as both partners must commit to work to get their relationship back on track.

Furthermore, the unfaithful partner must end the affair, whether emotional or sexual and do whatever it takes to rebuild their trust in their partner.

To recover from an affair, honesty is essential when rebuilding a marriage. The relationship's future is not determined by the infidelity but by what happens after it becomes known.

Even the betrayed partner must find ways to manage their emotions so that both can sort out why the affair happened in the first place.

Furthermore, they must work together on what they must change to prevent this from happening again.

Infidelity Counseling San Diego CA 92104

When you look at an affair, it is more about boundaries than love, and infidelity can take place in a healthy marriage. The major attraction of an affair is that it is not a love partner but a mirroring of it.

The way Marriage Counseling San Diego looks at it is that we see ourselves in the person's eyes. Many people believe that when someone has an affair, they are not getting enough from their partner.

To some extent, it is true, but sometimes that person is not giving enough. Talking about the affair, it helps to rebuild intimacy. Still, one indicator of whether a marriage will survive is if the betrayer shows empathy for all the pain caused.

Lastly, it would be best to rebuild your trust gradually, not by making promises but by showing actions. Also, give the relationship time to heal.

Let Us Help Rebuild Your Relationship

As an Infidelity Specialist, Marriage Counseling San Diego has the training with experience to help explain and provide sensible guidelines to mend your relationship.

If you are going through betrayal and hurt, we can help you cope with your emotions. In addition, we can help you and your partner work towards that goal if you recommit.

You can survive an affair with infidelity counseling in San Diego as a couple. Contact us to start your affair recovery with us.

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