San Diego Couples Counseling – What to expect?

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Whether you need San Diego couple counseling, relationship therapy, or marriage counseling, it is the same thing. The truth is it is not something that will excite you. The fact is it is not that bad and if you feel, concerned about your marriage this is the best step you will take.

Counseling can be a frightening experience and discuss your personal feelings with others is terrifying. The reality is you will not feel comfortable before you for your appointment and remains unnerving. Every counselor and therapists are not the same and do things differently.

If you are uncertain, this is what you can expect when visiting Marriage Counselling of San Diego.

The Purpose of Your Visit

You have signed up for a session with couples therapists as you have trouble in your relationship and seem straightforward. It is not that simple and more complicated. Maybe you and your partners fighting over small things and evolve into something nasty. Perhaps you feel you need more oomph in the relationship as your lives have become busy with work and raising a family. No matter what you are going through this is the first step to visiting a marriage counselor.

What happens at the session?                                                    

At couples therapy, you and your significant others placed in the same room. The mediator needs to make sense of what is going on your marriage. If you are having communication, problems he or she will help guide you to talk about it. They will get you to talk through whatever issues arise or help find out what is causing the problem. The main thing is to find a therapist that suits you both. Here is what you can expect:

  • You can look forward to hearing, “What is going on?” or “Why are you here.” These questions might be simple but best to be prepared to answer the questions. So do your homework at home before your appointment.
  • The therapist will ask questions related to your history together, and you both need to be open and honest.
  • There is a chance that you will even have individual sessions and tricky to say how our therapists are going to handle the situation.

Be prepared it is not going to be fun:

Dealing with problems is not fun, and your appointments are going to be uncomfortable. Never expect results from your first couple of visits. The truth is that things may arise that you never knew about your partner. In fact, marriage therapy can have positive and negative results and all part of the process. You are here to change your view of your relationship and improve communication with your other half.

Tackle Problems Early

Seeing therapists can go in any direction, but if you tackle the problem early, you may only need a couple of sessions. The chance is you and your partner might even feel better after the first visit. It may also take months or years to resolve marital problems depending on how far it has progressed.

Furthermore, do not expect rainbows and roses. It is not the mediator’s job to save your marriage. They are there to help you deal with your problems, and couples need to work together. The truth is no one knows what can happen at an appointment. You might work through your issues and build on the relationship, or decide to move on.

Seeing the counselor is for you both to reach a point where you have an understanding of the situation despite the results. Each therapist approaches situations differently, and your circumstances play a role in how they handle your case. There is no definite guidebook of what couples can expect. Relationship advice might not be for everyone but worth considering if you need help.


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