Can Couple Counseling San Diego Help Get Over Infidelity?

Premarital Counseling In San Diego

Recovering from infidelity for you is something that can be done. When you have recently discovered your partner is or has been having an affair, you might be feeling your world has been destroyed.

The impact of infidelity is often referred to as either betrayal trauma or relationship trauma. You may seek help but wonder if it is worth the effort, perhaps you find yourself thinking, “Can couple counseling San Diego help get over infidelity?”

San Diego Counseling Can Identify the Symptoms

The trauma of betrayal comes from our fight, flight or freeze response that won’t go away. Which is why these symptoms of betrayal trauma do not just fade away. Our brain does not endeavor to forget our trauma.

Here are some symptoms you may feel before you meet your Las Vegas counselor.

  • Denial and Depression
  • Rage and reliving the event
  • Unable to sleep and severe mood swings

For a relationship to heal, as a partner who has been hurt, you will need to understand how you can manage these symptoms so you can reprogram your brain.

A San Diego couple counseling expert can make these steps much easier than on your own.

Getting Over Infidelity with Your San Diego Counseling Expert

Journals are one of the things experienced therapists will have you conduct. In these, you are free to write anything that may relate to the event.

Even if you can’t think of anything, you can add a single emotion and write how you feel about this in the way it relates to the events you have been through.

You can keep these and show them to your therapist so they can better understand what you feel.

Finding a Sympathetic Ear with Marriage Counselling of San Diego

Instead of keeping all these emotions trapped inside, it is handy to have someone to speak to. While you can see your local San Diego counselor in private. If you and your partner wish to get over the infidelity and make things right again, you can contact Marriage Counselling of San Diego, and schedule an appointment to have the help of the best sympathetic therapists in the area.

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